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Erectile Dysfunction: Poor Ed.

So …. Viagra commercials. They will say “If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction … or ‘E.D.’….”


How do they think it feels now to be named Ed? Guys named Ed have to put up with people saying “he’s not a standup guy.” They may make snide comments about how he’s “not up to it.” They might say that Ed is a “softie” or ask if sitting too long makes him stiff.

Ed, if you’re reading this, you DON’T have to put up with this! I think guys named Ed should rise to the occasion and start a class action lawsuit against Phizer (they’re the ones who put out Viagra, right?)


About Becki

I'm a content lady who works in human services. I have a sweet son (well - usually sweet) and a phenomenal boyfriend. I'm happy with life! I've been sober since 1/2/03 - I'm not anti-booze now. I just know the party's over for me .... and has been for a lonnnng time. I'm blogging about that facet of my life. It's called Warm and Dry: http://warmanddry.wordpress.com/ I love photography, tell dirty jokes, drive well, have my degree in writing, love to travel (but having a kid squashed that), love to read and learn and go for hikes. I love fireflies and loathe deer ticks (thank you, lyme disease!). I love summer and hate winter. I love beans and love farting. Man, you just never know ..... Sooo .... the part about ticks: I have lyme disease and that's the focus of my BloodyLymey blog (Read it here: http://bloodylymey.wordpress.com/ ). Partly therapy, partly public awareness (as if anyone will actually read this, ha ha), partly possible bonding with kindred spirits trapped in these bacteria-attacked bodies .....


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